August 2014

Stand up if you have Aspergers Now he’s a stand-up comedian, Robert White is happier and says it's far easier to understand than an average office situation. He says: "On stage, I can make jokes in the context of making jokes. Saying the same things at work was perceived as a misunderstanding of the social situation and seen as inappropriate." More

Digging deep Sick to death of hearing about mobs and endermen, villagers and zombies? What are we talking about? Minecraft of course. It’s rapidly becoming something of a phenomenon in the world of autism. More

Van plan Drexel University are taking diagnosis to the community - in a van! Knowing how some of our kids react to hospital this has to be a good plan. More

Long diagnostic ordeal
In the past two decades, autism’s prevalence has increased by more than 600 percent. Although autism manifests early in development, the average age of diagnosis in the U.S. continues to hover stubbornly above 4 years. More

Positive approaches/language please What is it about the media (and others) who insist on using language that demonises autism? Here’s an article in the NY Times no less telling us how $15K worth of ABA will “Beat Autism”. More

Crime novel pays A novel about a student with Asperger's syndrome who investigates a murder has won a top crime writing award. More

Power of community World Autism Community is an amazing social network for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. More

Bullying policy made easy Need help developing anti-bullying policy? Here is some really helpful guidance. More

Behaviour help at hand This guide is for parents who are worried about their child’s behaviour. Your child may be beginning to develop some behaviour that challenges you, or may already have behaviour that challenges. More

Play style When free to choose, kids with autism pick games that engage their senses and avoid games that ask them to pretend, a new study finds. More

...all this and more at our Big Autism Play Day in January.

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July 2014

Age issue A study has found that less than half of English councils have a diagnostic pathway in place for adults with autism. More

...which is one of the reason we are offering training in assessment and diagnostic tools like ADOS2. More

Why I choose to talk about Asperger’s Syndrome Celina Miller made the decision to discuss AS with her son when he was nearly nine years old, about a year after his diagnosis. More

iPads may help Adding access to a computer tablet to traditional therapy may help children with autism talk and interact more, new research suggests.The study compared language and social communication treatment -- with or without access to an iPad computer tablet. More

Find out more about using iPads with autism at The Big Autism Play Day. More - and how about some FREE iPad training? More

The Stranger in the Mirror Not sure how long this great autism documentary will be on the Radio 4 website so be quick. More

Success! How Bobby Smith learned to talk at 9, and other autism success stories. Speaks for itself really! More

Dramatic idea “It all began last year when we were at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and asked ourselves a simple question: why do we work with young people with ASD in isolation when we are trying to develop their personal abilities and confidence?” - read more about this interesting project. More

Cuts will bite Social isolation is already a huge problem for many with autism spectrum conditions. Cuts in funding will leave them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. More

Stars like these Read this series of stories featuring the heroine, Starabella, a little girl with learning differences who expresses her thoughts and feelings through beautiful music. When she’s happy, her eyes shine like stars! Join Starabella and her classmates of diverse cultures, ethnicities, attitudes and abilities in a Musical World of Acceptance. More

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June 2014

Lorna Wing Dr Lorna Wing, one of the founders of The National Autistic Society and a true pioneer, passed away on 6 June 2014. Her published work on the subject of autism has challenged and changed the thinking in the field. More

Brotherly Love
This great blog is an exploration of autism from a brother’s perspective, including family relationships, philosophy, neuroscience, mental health history and ethics. More

Brain in hand This support service that has a truly great app at the heart of it is well worth a look. Check out their latest video. BIH will also be at our free annual conference in October. More

How ‘expensive’ is autism? So we are now told by the medical model monoliths that autism is the most costly medical condition in the UK. But many of us are saying that autism is not a medical condition. People with autism are not ill. Maybe autism is no more ‘medical’ than left handedness or being gay. Take a look at the research anyway. More

Stories can help Watch this Autism Live interview with Suzie Books author, Charlotte Olson. More

Telling it how it is For parents of a child who has an autism spectrum condition, discussing what makes him or her different and why is a tricky business. More

Superstar Blogger If you haven’t found Pensive Aspie’s blog yet you are in for a stellar treat. More

Somethings not working The world of work and employment is still a no-go zone for so many folk on the spectrum. Take a look at this exploration of the issues. More

Media misgivings Things will not change much without ‘the media’ embracing autism. However, the movie business in particular can get it wrong and right. Read this thought provoking essay by Yohana Desta. More

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May 2014

Managing Demands Take a look at just one of the approaches we introduce to teams on our challenging behaviour workshop More

Breakthrough discoveries made at Birkbeck about the early development of autism and other behavioural conditions will be furthered at a new laboratory designed to study toddlers. More

Social know-how Crucial guidelines for how parents and educators can teach social skills to children at home and in the classroom. More

Therapy truth Beware of false or misleading claims for treating autism. More

Testing times A pre-natal blood test for diagnosing autism is becoming a realistic possibility, but the ethical implications are profound. More

Full of Admiration for Autism Since her young son was diagnosed with autism, Sara Dunn has been attempting to help "challenge the myths surrounding autism" with a camera. More

App(lause) for Therapy Box London based app development company Therapy Box was announced as a recipient of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) in recognition of the life changing iPad apps the team has released. More

Seeing the future in sleep? A recent study suggests children who were later diagnosed with ASC had sleep disturbances, were more prone to ear infections and had struggled with self-regulation. More

Autism just gets more and more sensory In addition to social and communication struggles, a new study finds that children with autism are often up to a year behind their typically developing peers in acquiring motor skills. More

I think I have Aspergers now what? Take a look at this really useful blog from thAutcast. More

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April 2014

Training is vital
Supporting people with autism is something we have to learn about. It’s often less intuitive than other areas of education, health or social support. Training can be a financial headache for organisations so why not develop some home-grown talent and do you own training? Find out how. More

Early start
Scientists say they have new evidence that autism begins in the womb. Patchy changes in the developing brain long before birth may lie behind autisms characteristics. More

What do we look like? Take a look at the video of our Big Autism Play Day to see us in action. More

Life as we know it Two parents discuss what life is like when you have a child on the spectrum. More

Let’s network Here’s an interesting new social network site for autism. More

What could we do together? Co-production or parents and planners working together to develop services, is a powerful way to get provision that really meets needs. More

Women on the spectrum Autism is less common in girls than in boys because their brains are more "resilient", research suggests. DNA errors need to be more severe in girls to cause neurodevelopmental conditions, according to a large study. More

Tate Date Late last year Tate Britain opened its newly renovated galleries and learning spaces to the public. We forgot the lot! invites children and young people with and without Tourettes to reinvent, transform and claim the new displays of 500 years of British art at Tate Britain. More

More capacity for understanding Staff working in health and social care need to be aware of the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, and an Ombudsman’s report a couple of weeks ago highlights this. More

Autism and siblings Some 17 percent of younger siblings develop autism and another 28 percent show other types of delays in development or behavior, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. More

Good books Every so often we get some really great people to review some great books. You’ll find them all here on our site. Go on, treat yourself to some holiday reading this Easter. More

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