August 2015

Making a meal of things School meals can be tricky. Now, thanks to a remarkable Brazilian chef, one west London school for children with autism has changed mealtimes for the better More

Autism buzz Vance Kanell and his sister, Jenna entered a national competition called The Disability Film Challenge, where competitors have just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film. Thier film ‘Bumblebees’ is a story about Vance, who has autism doing something he has never done More

Bullying The effects of bullying are not confined to the child who is experiencing it. Families caring for a child with SEN often face a unique combination of emotional, social, physical and financial pressures, and the additional stress of having to deal with the bullying of a child can be considerable. More

Am I on the spectrum? A self-assessment test for autism has been developed by psychologists at Cardiff University More

ADOS2 Training ADOS-2 is the latest revision of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and has been adapted to anticipate the changes to the diagnostic definitions of DSM-5 . The ADOS is the most widely used observational assessment in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, for both clinical and research purposes. It is often described as the “Gold Standard” research assessment for autism More

Approaching sensory Positive Sensory Approaches for Autism is a great new course presented by Richard Hirstwood and Chris Barson with lots of sensory ideas for your school, home or centre More

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July 2015

Starting out right Early intervention for toddlers with autism may improve their intellectual ability and reduce autism symptoms years after originally getting treatment, according to a new US study. More

Rules for autism Small things can have a massive impact on how a person with autism feels in an appointment. Here one blogger gives his golden rules for social care professionals. More

Nose for autism The way children sniff different aromas could form the basis of a test for autism, suggest researchers in Israel. More

Hans, history and an epidemic that wasn’t Decades ago, few paediatricians had heard of autism. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 kids was estimated to have it. Today, 1 in 68 is on the autism spectrum. What caused this steep rise? Watch this Ted Talk by Steve Silberman. More

Be an environmentalist Take a look at this checklist for autism friendly environments. More

Words that work with autism
There is no single term that everyone prefers to describe autism. However some recent research shows a shift towards more positive and assertive language, particularly among autistic communities where autism is seen as integral to the person. More

Face science How the brain recognises faces is (like a lot of perceptual science) still a sketchy area. We know it can be a problem in autism. Read this article about how the latest imaging experiments are helping us to see how people see faces. More

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June 2015

Drug free Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good and the use of most antidepressants could be virtually stopped without causing harm, an expert on clinical trials argues in a leading medical journal. More

Friendly advice Making friends can be tricky for kids on the spectrum. More

Connectability The visuals engine will help you build visual supports and sequences for someone you know with autism. More

See it like a parent A really good article from a parental perspective that anyone involved in education should take the time to read. More

Pooch Power Research seems to be in favour of hairy help for folk on the spectrum. More

Feeling difficult Dr. Heather MacKenzie: How to help kids with autism manage their behaviour and emotions. More

Teaching Toddlers Take a look at this online learning resource. More

Sensory simulation What is it like to have autism? People can’t easily describe the sensations, but now a simulator developed at Baylor College of Medicine-Houston offers a peek at the sensory stimuli processed by the brains of people with autism. More

Not autism but needing help A study examining children diagnosed with autism whose social and cognitive symptoms had resolved 4 years later has found that most continued to have emotional and behavioural symptoms that required special educational support. More

And for that reason I’m in The 'dragons' who want to help disabled people start their own business. More

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May 2015

Number crunch A researchers have found that prevalence rates of autism in their research differed from the number actually being diagnosed. More

We are doing our bit to ensure diagnosis is carried out with skill and confidence with ADOS2 training.

Low-arousal low-down
Finally finished a four part blog (slog) on “What does Low-Arousal Mean?” Phew. More

Teach me right
A new guide has been published by the Autism Education Trust. The guidance is for Local Authorities that wish to improve autism provision and practice across all education settings. More

Success story Take a look at this story “Autism and Me” which made it big on the Radio 2 story competition. More

Boy oh boy Current statistics on autism show that boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism. Now a new study suggests that in addition to being diagnosed less, girls are also diagnosed at a later age than boys. More

Expect more The UK Government has set expectations for social workers assessing adults with autism. Practitioners are expected to understand the presentation of autism across the lifespan and the developmental trajectory of the condition, says revised statutory guidance on autism strategy. More

Learning from Comedian John Williams finds unexpected joy in his autistic son's view of life, despite the inevitable struggles. "I have learnt far, far more about the human condition, and what it truly means to be alive... More

Science question A scientist with autism has used his own experiences to aid the completion of a study which challenges some of the most commonly-held beliefs about the condition. More

Autism animated To raise awareness of autism and demonstrate the complex nature of the condition, Scottish Autism teamed up with David a talented young illustrator who has Asperger's Syndrome to create an animated interactive resource. More

Save lives People with autism and learning disabilities can die up to 20 years prematurely. So how can we help carers and health workers diagnose illness in patients with different communication? More

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April 2015

Mind over autism Yoga can play an important role in helping children to manage their autism More

Neurovision Read John Elder Robison’s blog on what neurodiversity means today. Neurodiversity (the word) is derived from the combination of neurology, and diversity More

Jobs please Microsoft says it wants to hire more people with autism in full-time roles. The tech giant is to start by offering 10 places on a pilot scheme based at its Redmond headquarters. More

And when I grow up 'You Don't Outgrow Autism': What Happens When Help Ends at 21? Autism services for young people are often not matched by adult opportunities for support, education, training and accommodation. More

Miracle? I think not Something needs to be done about Miracle Mineral Solution. It doesn’t “cure” autism. It’s dangerous. More

Dead wrong Kennedy The anti-vaccine lobby must regret having Robert Kennedy Jr as a spokesperson. He manages to offend people every time he speaks. More

Listen to parents if a parent notices early signs of autism, some doctors still dismiss those concerns, a study finds, saying the child will "grow out of it." That can delay diagnosis and a child's access to help. More

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