December 2014

How autism friendly is my school? Run the rule over your school and see how it measures up. A professional competency framework has been developed by the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham. More

Stress find
At the Center for Brain Research at the MedUni Vienna an important factor for stress has been identified. Perhaps understanding the stress “mechanism” could help people with autism one day. More

Learning disability lesson People with learning disabilities in England are being kept in hospitals far from home for too long, a review says. The report, written by Sir Stephen Bubb, recommends introducing a charter of rights and more community facilities for people with learning disabilities. More

Parent first For the first time, toddlers with autism have demonstrated significant improvement after intensive intervention by parents rather than clinicians, according to a new Florida State University study published online in the journal Pediatrics. More

Francis befriends autism The pope urged governments and institutions to respond to the needs of people with autism to help break "the isolation and, in many cases also the stigma”. More

Go and play! Well you can certainly do that, and also learn how to help little folk with autism play, learn and problem solve at the Big Autism Play Day. More

Get into autism training This exciting two day course aims to provide a solid platform of training skills and training ideas for new or existing trainers to enable them to deliver autism training that is engaging, imaginative, and FUN. More

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November 2014

Siri is your friend Apple’s personal assistant has made at least one friend - in the form of Gus. Perhaps it took a 13 year old boy with autism to really understand him/her More

The making of a SuperMom Read a great blog - One mum’s quest to accept and adapt to caring for a child on the spectrum More

Double disadvantage Families of children with autism often struggle to access or fund services — but many South Asian families grappling with autism are also faced with a life of isolation More

Horse sense? What do you get if you take three Shetland ponies and team them with six disaffected pupils? The answer, surprisingly, isn’t chaos and a call to the RSPCA More

Genetic story inches along A massive international study has started to unpick the "fine details" of why some people develop autism, researchers have said More

C- section suggestion causes concern A University College Cork-led study, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry has found children born by C-section have an “increased risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in childhood”. But autism campaigners have branded it a “sensationalist and inaccurate” report, and claimed it could put pregnant women’s health in danger by putting them off caesareans More

Kids need teeth to smile Access to dental care is particularly difficult for youngsters on the spectrum More

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October 2014

Getting language going Recent research at the University of Cambridge investigates how early language and brain development are interwoven More

Dr Greg Pasco, a contributor to the research will be leading a workshop on autism and pre-verbal play at The Big Autism Play Day! Don’t miss it.

Paint sensation If you haven’t picked up on all the stories about Iris Grace, a 5 year old artist with autism, you soon will. She is creating quite a sensation with her beautiful work. More

Keeping communicated Parents, teachers, and support staff all have the same goal, a child’s learning, but sometimes communication breakdowns cause inefficiency and disagreement. More

Fantastic Footballer Josh Bailey, a senior offensive tackle, who stands 6-feet-6 and weighs 270 pounds has found a home for himself and his autism - on the football field. More

Not working There is probably nothing that could improve the lives of people on the spectrum more than employment. Most sources put autism unemployment at 85% in the UK. If you are a woman with autism you might just be doubly discriminated against. More

Neurodiverse universe Neurodiversity is a term and concept that is gaining popularity. But what does it mean and how should we use the term? More

Make it personal Whatever happened to personalisation? Was a time when person centred planning and acting were at the heart of government thinking around the way that health, social and education services should be provided. Is that still the case today? More

Well we are still banging the drum because we know personalised services are the only way towards better lives. Get some
training for your staff team and get personal!

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September 2014

Autism? Just run with it Three to four times a week, Alex Schneider, 24, laces up his running shoes and goes for a run to train for his next marathon. More

iPad + kids = communication! A study of 61 children, aged 5 to 8, at the University of California Los Angeles compared communication abilities of kids who did and did not have access to tablets. The tablets seem to help with getting early language going. More

We’ll be covering iPads, play and early language development at The Big Autism Play Day. More

Parents empowered Try this free online course designed for parents who have children with autism and want to learn how to be more effective communicators and help their children become more effective communicators too. More

Get a system Kids with autism need a systematic approach to things. Take a look at this fun animated video teaching kids an easy 4 step plan for following instructions. It’s not perfect but you’ll get the gist. More

Great debate? On Thursday 17 July MPs took part in a debate in the House of Commons Chamber on the provision of education for children with autism. This debate was scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee. More

There’s a book inside autism Author Corinne Duyvis was "glad" when she was diagnosed with autism because it allowed her to learn more about herself and other people. Here she explains how the diagnosis led her to writing and eventually her first novel, Otherbound. More

Comic genius Extraordinary superpowers, high-flying villains and fearless, world-saving heroes are the stuff of countless comic books. But the newest star to hit the comic circuit is different from most. Michael is a comic book character with autism - a hero with a mathematical mind, artistic gift and an abundance of compassion. More

Unacceptable risk Adults with autism spectrum conditions are at a higher risk of being sexually victimised than those without the condition, according to a new study out of York University. More

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August 2014

Stand up if you have Aspergers Now he’s a stand-up comedian, Robert White is happier and says it's far easier to understand than an average office situation. He says: "On stage, I can make jokes in the context of making jokes. Saying the same things at work was perceived as a misunderstanding of the social situation and seen as inappropriate." More

Digging deep Sick to death of hearing about mobs and endermen, villagers and zombies? What are we talking about? Minecraft of course. It’s rapidly becoming something of a phenomenon in the world of autism. More

Van plan Drexel University are taking diagnosis to the community - in a van! Knowing how some of our kids react to hospital this has to be a good plan. More

Long diagnostic ordeal
In the past two decades, autism’s prevalence has increased by more than 600 percent. Although autism manifests early in development, the average age of diagnosis in the U.S. continues to hover stubbornly above 4 years. More

Positive approaches/language please What is it about the media (and others) who insist on using language that demonises autism? Here’s an article in the NY Times no less telling us how $15K worth of ABA will “Beat Autism”. More

Crime novel pays A novel about a student with Asperger's syndrome who investigates a murder has won a top crime writing award. More

Power of community World Autism Community is an amazing social network for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. More

Bullying policy made easy Need help developing anti-bullying policy? Here is some really helpful guidance. More

Behaviour help at hand This guide is for parents who are worried about their child’s behaviour. Your child may be beginning to develop some behaviour that challenges you, or may already have behaviour that challenges. More

Play style When free to choose, kids with autism pick games that engage their senses and avoid games that ask them to pretend, a new study finds. More

...all this and more at our Big Autism Play Day in January.

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