January 2016

Making waves
Autism and sporting excellence. Here’s a bunch of great young people with autism going against the tide of low expectation. More

What’s in a name? Which terms should be used to describe autism? Perspectives from the UK autism community. More

Take care
Children who are sentenced to a period in secure care are automatically categorised as looked-after children (if they were not before), not prisoners. Therefore, they should expect the same level of care and protection as all children in our care system. More

Sound sense "The sounds of our lives change our brain, in our lab, we investigate how our life in sound changes the brain, and how different forms of enrichment or decline influence how our brain processes sound." Nina Kraus. More

Lots more ideas and resources at the Big Autism Play Day - coming soon!

Early diagnosis Donald Grey Triplett was the first person to be diagnosed with autism. The fulfilling life he has led offers an important lesson for today, John Donvan and Caren Zucker write. More

Language difficulties Which terms should be used to describe autism? Perspectives from the UK autism community. More

Gender gap Autism is much more common in males than females. Leading researchers talk about their recent work into understanding the sex/gender differences in autism on this podcast. More

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December 2015

Get active This book looks like a really good read for anyone who wants to give a person with intellectual disabilities that elusive thing - ‘A Better Life’. More

Beans means... Jobs. Well maybe. A Long Island mom is changing perceptions about people with autism, one bag of coffee at a time. More

Family findings There just isn’t enough research into the effect of autism on families. So a new study in Wisconsin is welcome. Parenting a child with a developmental disability involves challenges and rewards that are unique to each family and prior research has shown that parents of a child with a developmental disability tend to experience greater marital stress compared to peers raising typically developing children. More

Horse whispers Temple Grandin has plenty to say about a new equine therapy centre - ‘It will become a place…that shapes the way professionals, students, practitioners, and the healthcare industry look at the value of horses in therapy.’ More

Trying too hard? “I feel as though many of our autistic kids can never escape from this idea that they must always be being corrected; must always be being taught; must always be building on skills; must always be attending therapies and classes; must always be being “consistently disciplined”; must always remember every second of every day that they are autistic and that they have so much to learn, so far to go, so much more that they need to be” - Parent. More

In love with autism A documentary focusing on how people with autism experience love and manage romantic relationships is set to appear on PBS. “Autism in Love” will air on the network’s “Independent Lens” series in January. The film, which debuted earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows four people on the spectrum as they seek out and maintain relationships. More

Hair help A great idea! Open a salon for people with additional needs to get their hair cut in a low-stress environment. More

Christmas play
Well after Christmas actually. It’s back - The Big Autism Play Day! Check out dates in early 2016. More

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November 2015

Hospital closures The number of hospital beds for people with learning disabilities and autism will be halved in England, the NHS has announced. It is a response to the abuse scandal exposed by the BBC at Winterbourne View and will see patients "live in homes, not hospitals". More

Autism rides the waves Surfers for Autism returned for their fifth annual Gulf Coast Beach Festival, and Fort Myers Beach was once again transformed into an oasis of acceptance and inclusion. More

Champion wins prize Author Steve Silberman has won the £20,000 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction for his book about autism.
The judges said Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently was a "tour de force" of journalistic and scientific research. More

Have autism need job The transition between adolescent to adult is a difficult process for anyone. It can be even more challenging for individuals on the autism spectrum, especially when it comes to finding a meaningful vocation. More

Seeing and hearing? More and more research seems to suggest that the difficulties with communication and social interaction that are central to autism might well have their roots in sensory differences. More

Parents path to school success Dorothy Gallagher recounts the small steps that helped her son negotiate school. More

Hair hero Sometimes a haircut can be a sensory step too far for youngsters on the spectrum. Here’s how one determined barber approached the problem. More

Age and autism Focus on childhood research means that many older adults with autism today may not have been diagnosed and risk having their autism mistaken for mental illness or dementia. More

Eye on autism Researchers at Washington State University say that a simple eye exam may assist in predicting a diagnosis of autism earlier than is currently possible. More

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October 2015

How social? Social understanding and social motivation are NOT absent in autism! They vary a lot though. Take a look at the social skills profile tools on the Resources page of our site. More

Support our senses! Do not miss the forthcoming courses we are running around the UK this November - Positive Sensory Approaches for Autism. More

Attention diagnosis A new study finds that the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can significantly delay the recognition of autism in children. More

Get the message Here’s a really great video project that you could replicate to help spread the autism acceptance message. Simple but effective. More

Get ‘appy As you know we are a bit TabletTastic and enjoy running courses on how tech can help folk with autism. Well don’t just take our word for it. More

It’s a Dad’s life Get this really great book - Chasing the Rabbit. It’s about the challenges faced by one dad bringing up his son with autism and one boy’s challenges growing up with Dad. More

Social work and autism The Department of Health have published new guidance for adult social workers on autism. The guidance is designed to be used by social workers at all levels, from front line practitioners to senior social workers, social work supervisors and managers, to support them to deliver the best outcomes for adults with autism. More

Ask an expert Don’t miss this chance to put questions about autism to Professor Francesca Happe. Simply visit this page on Tuesday 20 October 2015, 12.30-1.30pm GMT.

Can my iPhone find autism? Apple are funding Duke University research team to look at whether the front-facing camera on an iPhone can be used to detect signs of developmental issues at a much younger age. More

Don’t lose sight A two year collaborative project has shown that educating autism practitioners in vision awareness has increased access to eye care and improved day-to-day support services for people with autism and sight loss. More

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September 2015

Only accept Fifteen years ago, when Steve Silberman broke the story of Silicon Valley’s autism ‘epidemic’, he saw it as a problem. Now he’s changed his mind and has published a book about understanding and accepting autism More

Get a move on Children with autism are having to wait an average of three-and-a-half years before diagnosis, experts claim. More

Which way for diagnosis? What’s the most reliable way to know if your child has autism? Is it a genetic test? Or are more traditional behavioral assessments, which measure talking and social skills, more accurate? The latest research provides some answers. More

... and as we are talking diagnosis, don’t miss our ADOS2 course coming up in November More

Peer support Watch this great video which is designed to help peers understand kids with autism. More

What cause? Over $1bn has been spent in just ten years, chasing the elusive ‘cause of autism’. What if it doesn’t have one? More

Girls with a story Imagine feeling different in a world of 'normal'. A ground-breaking new book looks at what life is like for girls with autism. More

Speech and language angle Multiple blogs focus on autism but special educator Catherine Pascuas takes a new approach to sharing insights and resources. Check out her interviews with Speech and Language professionals. More

Coming to terms “I was diagnosed with autism in my 40s. I had no support, and spent a year weeping with regret for what felt like a train wreck of a life”. More

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